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Today is the 4th of December and it is my birthday ! To celebrate i decided to publish another music video of one song of my album. If i say “another”, it’s because maybe you noticed that a picture of lisbeth appeared on this website’s homepage in the last weeks. On this picture there is a link to the music video of the last song of my debut album : “lisbeth”.

Anyway, “nothing_to_say” is, as its name stands for, a song that does not tell something special. Nothing else that the fact that i had nothing special to say the day i wrote the lyrics. What’s better to illustrate that but some contemplative pictures taken through my binoculars during some of my wanders in the french contryside ? I let you discover that :

Fun fact (not so fun but anyway) : it’s one of the song that took me the less time to write. I think i composed it and wrote the lyrics in only Pour l’anecdote c’est un des morceaux que j’ai écrit et composé le plus vite : ça a dû être bouclé en une après-midi afernoon ! First i had the musical idea : bass line and drums, then the melody, on which i didn’t know what lyrics to sing.. So i wrote these lyrics talking about that and recorded the demo straight after. All that in only 3 or 4 hours !

Still a big thanks to AB Records, L’Affect Records, Théo Des Neiges and his Sample & Hold Studio for recording and mixing, Nalla Aïssoug for mastering, Ugo Del Rosso for the precious editing help, Archipel, and everyone who supported me.