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So, that’s it then, my first album is released today. Kind of a crazy project and i’m proud to see that coming out to the world !

This album represents a part of my life, a time of changes that have made me grow up for sure. I wrote these songs during the year 2018, during some journeys, hikes or mental trips, whithout knowing i was gonna make an album out of it. But everything was very natural and not so surprising when you know how much i love albums.

These are 10 songs that you can listen to separatly, but i must recommend to take 40 chilling minutes to listen to it all the way through. Anyway, i just hope you will have as much joy listening to it as i had recording it !

I’m not gonna say anymore bullshit. You should just click on the following link and simply listen to that ->

I also put the lyrics on the music page of this website (bottom of the page, just click on the songs titles) : it can help understand what i’m saying with my nice french accent. Have a nice listening !

I must add 1000 thanks to AB Records, L’Affect Records, Théo Des Neiges et son Sample & Hold Studio, Nalla Aïssoug, Ugo Del Rosso, Archipel, and the people that have support me one way or another during these 3 years.